A photography interest club. We make photographers come together to take photos, to develop photographic skills and to exchange experience. 


WeshootClub organize free professional photo shootings. We would like you to become our model and join in our photo shootings. If you want to experience the model life and be a pre-model, please contact us


We are group of street footprint recorders, hanging cameras, guiding models, enjoying one step a mile into bustling and desolate side of the city. We are like elusive wind, crossing through  without a trace, looking for the beauty of the creation. We are like mirage, mix creature of arts and beauty of life. A click, a creature, we are your perfect instant recorder——WeshootClub.

Anthony Wen

In my spare time, I like to walk in the street and shoot some interesting photos.


I think any place has some stories. I wanna record these stories with my camera.

Dan Ye

I am a director of Chinese Photography Association of Montreal , Chinese Culture and Art Association of Canada. 


I am also a photograph judge of The Photography Competition.

James Yu

I believe every pictures has its own soul, story and meanings. taking pictures is my passion and my way to share, to transmit a message to you.  

Pictures are the little spices to seasoning your life being more colorful and tasty.  


Hope you enjoy my pictures and make you a bright day.

Jinda Zheng

Graduated from a finance degree.


Photography is my relaxation outside of work. What i truly love about photography is to capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Haohua Chen

Vice President of Chinese Culture and Art Association of Canada.

Member of China Photographers Association.

Fellowship of Guangdong Photographers Association.


I graduated from the Fine Arts Majors in 1983. I photograph more than 30 years and get a lot of certificates from International photography competition. 

Pierre Chan

I am a wedding photographer and videographer. I like to take portrait pictures; I find we all have our own beauty and the facial expressions of every one of us is unique.

website link:

Jeff Li

Photographer, founder of Moment Studio.

website link:

Being a portrait photographer, we need to read mind, capture that perfect moment, and make it endlessness.

Wechat: MontrealMomentStudio

Peng Wang

A photographer of Leon photography studio, graduated from professional photography degree. I have many years experience in photography and have developed unique concepts and warm contact with my clients.

I will freeze the best of your life with camera.

Billy Tiahaja

Through photo we can always relive the amazing moment and carry with you all the time.

Laura Xing

My photography journey began with my baby’s birth. His every action, crying, laughing, sleeping and playing fascinated me. I wanted to capture every moment in his life.


Photography is fantastic. It engraves our memory into photos and brings us back to those timeless moments.

Lisa Liu

Photography for me is not looking. It’s a way of touching, of loving, of feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.

Staven Mei

Light can create a different atmosphere. Photography is light effect. I like use a group of flash-head to create some amazing photos. 

Portrait + Light is my favor shooting. 

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